DuCoPi - The Duduf Color Picker

DuCoPi is a simple color picker and color palette.

With DuCopi, no matter what is your current application, you always keep the colors you need in a simple palette, always available. And you can always pick any other color from the selector or from any pixel of your screen.

  • It stays at hand, always available when you need it.
  • It can pick any color on your screen.
  • It automatically copies your selected color’s hex code
  • It keeps a color palette for you (a list of custom colors)
  • It is able to import and export this palette (in a Gimp/Inkscape format)


The best way to use it is to add it to your startup applications.

Basic use

Just click on the eyedropper icon in your system tray, or select “show” from the menu. Choose your color, click ok to copy it.

Custom palette

The swatches on the lower left part are your custom palette. Select a swatch, change the color, and click Add to custom colors to keep this color in the selected swatch. Click ok to validate and save your palette.

Import / Export palette

You can export the current palette by choosing Export Palette in the menu. It is saved as a .gpl file, which is the format used by The Gimp and Inkscape too.

Palettes can also be imported by choosing Import Palette in the menu. For now, only .gpl files are supported.

Gimp Palettes (.gpl) files are very simple text files you can edit by yourself if you need. Each line after the # character represent a swatch in the palette.They store red, green, blue values (as 8 bits integers) and a custom name.

This is a Gimp Palette example:

GIMP Palette
Name: RxUI Tints
  0 162 163 Dark Cyan
 16 104 142 Dark Blue
 62 139  69 Dark Green
129   9 173 Dark Purple
132  44  83 Dark Pink
132 179  48 Dark Citrus
172  16  16 Dark Red
  0 162 163 Light Cyan
131 211 246 Light Blue
138 216 145 Light Green
213 136 241 Light Purple
216 255 140 Light Citrus
236 215  24 Yellow
241 136 186 Light Pink
249 105 105 Light Red



The software this documentation is referring to is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

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Icons and other graphical elements

All graphical elements, especially icons, are from RxUI by Nicolas Dufresne and RxLaboratory are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Copyright (C) 2021 Nicolas Dufresne and Contributors.


This Documentation

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